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Robots of Today
A Children's Introduction to Robotics
By Ben Axelrod


I made this 10 minute video to give kids a realistic notion of what robots can and cannot do.� (The robots in the movies are mostly fantasy).� I also wanted to show kids some of the exciting things going on in robotics today.� This will hopefully encourage the budding scientists or engineers.� Being interested in robotics for quite some time, I have gathered a lot of really neat robot videos from the web.� I did my best to put some interesting and amazing things into this video.� Being a children's video, I do make some gross oversimplifications.� However, I also toss in a few big words for them.� I think most people should learn a thing or two.� ;-)

I presented this video at the Tuscola Library to about 10 kids.� I�showed them one of my�robots and we played a robot game. �Here are some pictures from the event:



I do not claim any ownership of these video clips. They are all copyrighted property of their original creators.� I am only re-displaying them here for your enjoyment.� I created my video under the Free Use License.� These clips are only to be used in educational settings. �If you feel I have misrepresented you or your robots in any way, please contact me. � Also please contact me with any broken links.

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Robot descriptions companion guide. This is a description of all the robots in this video in order of appearance.

Robot Video Repository

These are all the uncut clips from my video, and a few that didn't make it into the video.� I arranged them roughly into the categories I used in the video.

Wheeled Robots

nBot by David P. Anderson uBot by UMass Amherst Dartmouth Robotics Lab

1 wheel robot
GOAT robot by CMU NASA Mars Rover Rotundus
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about this robot

BEAM robots

BEAM videos by Solarbotics

Hexapod Robots (6 legs)

Asterisk robot by Osaka University's Arai Lab LAURON III by Institut de Rob�tica i Inform�tica industrial

Hex Crawler robot kit RHEX

Household Robots

Robomower by Friendly Robotics Roomba by iRobot
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about iRobot

Industrial Robots

Various industrial robots by Fanuc Robotics

The KHR1 Robot

KHR1 robot by Kondo (movies here)

Micromouse Robots (maze solving robots)

Competition videos by Micromouse UK

Modular Robots

4-module robot by Cornell University
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about this robot
Audio Listen to broadcast 2
Modular robots by Palo Alto Research Center

Snake robot by Dr. Gavin Miller Cellular Automata�by Dartmouth University OmniTread by University of Michigan

Team Robots

Ants robots by MIT

Team robots by University of South California Distributed mapping by University of Washington

The QRIO Robot


Quadruped Robots (4 legs)

Fastest AIBO walk by UT Austin Scout II by McGill University Thing robot by UMass, Amherst ?

Biped Robots (2 legs)

BIP robot by INRIA RABBIT robot by Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble

Toddler robot
HONDA Asimo robot (movies here)
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about Asimo
Toddler robot by MIT
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about this robot

Remote Control Robots

Robonaut by NASA Robocup Rescue

Rescue robot by CMU ?

Robocup (robotic soccer competition)

Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about robocup

Insect Inspired Robots

robot antrobot cricketrobot cockroachrobot cockroach
Whegs, BILL-Ant, Cricket, and Cockroach�by Case Western Reserve University

roach bot
Roach Coach by University of California-Irvine
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about CMU's robot receptionist

Misc. Movies

Origami robot by Dartmouth University ?
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about CMU's robot receptionist
Dexter by UMass, Amherst

Surgery Robot
Lemur robot by Stanford University Pow robot drummer by Georgia Tech da Vinci Robot Surgery by USC
Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about the da Vinci system

Robosapian Music Videos

Misc. Audio

Audio Listen to a NPR broadcast about the history and current�developments of AI

My List of the best robot songs ever:

I created my video with Ulead VideoStudio 9.� It is a great program for home use.� They give you a 30 day free trial and the software is not limited in any way.� It is much more powerful than the Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows XP.� In keeping with my views on open source code, here is the VideoStudio project file.� Maybe you can elaborate and expand the video.� I would love to hear about it if you do.�

To do in next version of video:
  • Robot Surgery
  • Robot ant, cricket, cockroach (Case Western)
  • Rotundus
  • MIT Toddler
  • Passive walkers
  • GT Pow